Get the Best Prom Dress that Suits Your Body Shape!

Author - Pixie Boo 

Hello everyone! ;-) Today at ShopSimple we are thinking Prom 2013!!! We have loads of inspirations popping up from all over the world for this wonderfully anticipated event! Once you understand what suits your body shape you can have lots of fun browsing our occasion dresses and putting together the perfect outfit! Prom 2013 is going to be very very exciting and beautiful! ;-)

Style - do you want a Princess style gown or a goddess slinky number? Have you thought about your body shape and how the dress will look, as when you are buying on the internet it can be very tricky to make the right choice…..but here are a few tips on body shape for you ;-) 


If you have an hour glass figure consider yourself lucky! You have a naturally well proportioned body with means you don’t need to disguise anything. Almost every style will flatter your figure. Have fun with it! And don’t  forget to show those curves with your 2013 Prom Dress !!



For an apple shaped body a dress from shopsimple with an empire waist will help draw attention to your middle. Also a higher waist line means the dress may not be as tight in your problem area. If you have nice athletic legs, you might try to show them off by wearing a shorter dress, or a high-low hemline.



For luscious pear shapes, we recommend a dress with a fitted top and full or a-line skirt. Maybe with some detail around the bust line to emphasise your top half,or if you are comfortable with your larger behind go for something a bit more form fitting. We believe that you should always accent what you like about your body; it is not about hiding what you don’t.



If you are petite show a little leg maybe with a shorter dress? Or go with an asymmetrical hemline to make you appear taller. Floor length gowns and full skirts tend to overwhelm your frame. Delicate feminine dresses will go well your body type and we have many of these here at shopimple.



You can play up what you have by wearing a gorgeous neckline but look for something with fuller coverage so you can make sure you have adequate support, or go for a halter neck gown. If you would like to draw attention away from your chest, look for a dress that attracts the eye to the hem. Full length goddess style gowns work well on a busty woman as they create a column look and draw attention away from that area so that you look taller. We have an amazing collection of goddess style prom gowns here.


We hope you find your perfect outfit with us and keep reading our blog for the perfect accessories, we will be highlighting what you will need from prom shoes, handbags and hair accessories and jewellery in the next few days….Happy Shopping !!! ;-)

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